Knewrow is a management consulting and training firm with years of profound experience in both the public and private sector. We have been in operation for over nine years providing solutions through our advisory services and trainings by enhancing competency for companies to achieve their objectives.

Our solutions are unconventional, and we have successfully worked with companies in various sectors including oil and gas, information technology, hospitality, insurance, government agencies, manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services, construction and health. Since inception, we have created scalable approaches to every clients’ need providing unique solutions.

To be Africa’s No.1 Performance Management company.

We work with Client to achieve “high performance culture.

Ownership Culture

People: At the core of KNEWROW is the belief that people are our greatest assets. We pride ourselves in working together as a team both internally and externally, connecting with people to turn their dreams into reality. We are deeply committed to helping people and our clients to achieve outstanding performance. This for us is not only a value, but also our philosophy.

Ownership Culture: At KNEWROW, we are passionate about what we do. Not only do we take responsibility for every phase of clients’ needs, but we also take responsibility for each other’s actions. We carry out every project like it is ours, working with our client to drive high performance teams and organization. Our leadership culture drives a deep ownership within the system that allows people to take ownership of the business and service delivery..

Ingenuity: At KNEWROW, we pride in our ingenuity. We continually develop new ideas, bringing about trends that drives change and find new ways to solve complex problems. WE PROVIDE CREATIVE IDEAS AND SOLUTIONS TO MEET OUR CLIENTS NEEDS, setting standards and going beyond the norm. Our services are delivered with ingenuity that offers our client exceptional quality and experience that drives them to become a top performing organization.