Q: What does open courses mean?

The open courses are divided into two aspects, they are: Free and Paid courses. The free courses require no charges else the participant is interested in training materials and certificate. The paid courses have a specific charge depending on the course and training materials and a certificate is provided at the end of the training.

Q: Do you offer in house trainings?

Yes we do. We design our trainings to fit into an organization’s need. Depending on your company’s training need, we provide in house trainings. This is called our in-plant training.

Q: How do I get informed about future trainings?

We have a designed calendar available on the website that contains details on all trainings for the year. It’s free.

Q: How can I request for an In-plant?

To request for an in-plant training, you can request a proposal. This will help us know an area you want our expertise.

Q: How can I reach request a proposal?

You can click on the In-plant button on the training category in the website.

Q: How can I contact Knewrow?

Via this page: contact link OR call 08189900 (661-664 and 771-773)