Olusegun Owoseni - Business Research & Data Analyst.

Olusegun Owoseni is a Business Research and Data Analyst with experience in research, data analysis, business process management, monitoring & evaluation and KPI selection. Over the years, he has successfully showcased his abilities by conducting business analysis for various companies.

As a business research analyst, Olusegun has contributed immensely to the growth of several companies by developing initiatives and strategies that are used to discover potential development and performances. He has been responsible for managing high-level government projects and one of such being Lagos State Government.

Olusegun is currently a project advisor in Knewrow and is responsible for facilitating KPI selections and validation sessions with clients. He has also developed tracking systems to manage ongoing projects. Apart from being an experienced project advisor, he is also a proactive strategy team member.

With a first degree in Geography from the University of Ibadan (2013) and MSc in Geography from the University of Lagos (2020), Olusegun is a Certified KPI Professional from the KPI institute and has obtained several certifications in project management and data science.

He has attended several trainings and conferences for his career advancement and also volunteered at numerous international organizations some of which include African Youth Economic Forum(2013), The Heinrich Bolt Stiftung and Arctic Infrastructure(LAGDEL 2018), TEDx University of Ibadan(2013) and more.