Oluwaseun Oladapo - Account Officer & Innovation Executive.

Oluwaseun Oladapo is a professional account officer and innovative executive with years of experience in research, ledger processes, account reconciliation and time management. Her educational background, skill set and experience have influenced her objective of committing to the growth of a progressive organization.

Possessing over 3 years of experience working in diverse financial institutions, she has gained extensive insight into her financial competencies and has successfully managed budgets, maintained financial records and reviewed financial strategies.

During the course of her career, she has gained profound experience and a proven track record of consistently meeting and regularly surpassing performance targets. Oluwaseun is also a dedicated team member.

With an academic background in Accounting & Finance from Bowen University. She has developed excellent communication, personal and Organizational skills. she also attended the Performance Management Workshop training licenced by the KPI Institute.

As a professional account officer with Knewrow, she has displayed an ability that drives out inefficiencies within the organization and has also successfully performed risk assessments, financial reviews and budget preparation.